Moving in stages – February 2022

First, a brief review of the Christmas season… We enjoyed it very much, the time with friends while walking, unfortunately without snow, but with good exchange, and the time together with the family. Family reunion for Christmas in Switzerland had to be canceled for well-known reasons, but there were several meetings with individual relatives, which was also very nice. As a common activity for the big celebration, the common practicing of a line-dance was planned. Well, four of us practiced it anyway. We girls had fun dancing and Klaus filming 😉

Christmas we could celebrate with our sons and their girlfriends/wives and Klaus brother with your family. It was very nice and the short plays on „life themes“ were funny 🙂

Then the family time after New Year’s was already over and as soon as we were home Klaus was sent into quarantine for two weeks: Somewhere on the way he had caught Covid. Nobody knows where and nobody but him got sick.
In the middle of January we „disposed“ of some of our furniture. We drove them to Dresden, where they are now in Manuel’s apartment. It makes us feel good that some of our still beautiful things are still needed. (Including my 16 years old cactus) the cactus survived the transport well, the pot did not, but I had a spare pot with me 😉

In February we celebrated our birthdays in Rostock for the last time (together we turned 119 years old) and hosted the last short-lived visitors. Before we then packed the guest bedding into boxes.

Now it goes very fast…. Finished packing…. Finally saying goodbye…. And on 16.3. we leave with our last belongings in „the direction of a new phase of life“…

…and after the beautiful birthday celebration with fellowship with so many dear people, when the heart was so overflowing with joy and gratitude, just two days later water dripped from the ceiling in the children’s room. There is a terrace above it from where it is leaking somewhere… as if „the worm is in it“. Now we are watching our hearts, so that no worm may poke around in it….