Info and contacts

It is beautiful and encouraging to experience how God brings us together with people through your prayers, who provide us with helpful information about starting a business and like to stay in contact with us. The day before yesterday we were in Casablanca in the „branch“ of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, because someone had advised us to ask there for tips and possibilities. It was a short conversation with a friendly woman who could give us really helpful tips and a few addresses.
The next day, a lovely elderly couple took us to another city to visit friends of theirs. They had worked as representatives of eyeglass frames in Morocco before Corona and had gained a lot of experience. It was a nice community and a good exchange, even if some things had to be done with translators. Thank God there are always people who know English and Arabic well and are happy to translate. But we are also working hard to improve our French. But it is not going as fast as we would like. But starting next week Klaus is meeting with a young man „to put the language theory into practice“…..

….and here are some photos from the return trip of the business trip 😉