In search of an earthly home

In Rabat, we were first able to „crawl under“ for a week with a co-worker and from there look for an earthly place to stay. Our preferred neighborhoods, where we would like to live, were all around the city center. Klaus searched the Internet for suitable apartments and made appointments. Also in other parts of the city, because we wanted to be open to God’s leading to the place where he wanted us. So we looked at umpteen apartments. With some we knew right at the entrance door that it would not work out, with others we wanted to think it over. After a few days we were so tired and exhausted that we were ready to compromise. We had visited an apartment that was on the other side of the river. A beautiful new apartment on the 5th floor with an elevator, nice balcony with super great views over the city. It was in a quiet area with nothing going on even during the day. And, it was on the other side of the city, even still on the other side of the river. We could imagine living there, but just not wholeheartedly. But we were tired and discouraged and thought: Sometimes you just have to compromise. So we agreed with the realtor, but wanted to look at the apartment again the next day. We went there, she was not there, but only the janitor. He let us in and then „Babylon“ began. Language confusion total, because he could only Arabic and called the landlord, with whom we also could not communicate, but the language confusion increased. Nevertheless, the realtor wrote to us via Whatsapp that we should come to her office the next morning to do the paperwork.

Somehow we had lost the desire for this apartment through the whole thing and so Klaus searched the Internet for other apartments. He also found one in our favorite part of town and he wrote to it. This was not yet free, but from the same broker there was another apartment in the same district, which we could visit the next afternoon. We spent a restless night and set off the next morning with mixed feelings to the realtor. We considered strategies to get out of the verbal commitment for the „compromise apartment“. Well, we had worried for nothing, because when we finally found the somewhat makeshift office and sat across from the realtor, she immediately opened up to us that the apartment owner had informed her that he did not want us as tenants. She was very sorry to hear that and we were so grateful. I don’t think I have often been so grateful and happy about something that did NOT work out!