Back in Germany / Vacation and other stuff – July/August 2022

Actually, the vacation is already over and not the whole summer was vacation 😉 In the two months we spent in Germany and Switzerland, there were various things to do. Some preparations for the move to North Africa, some paperwork to rewrite, contracts to make or cancel, vaccinations to digest, another meeting with „Opticunion“, for which we will also work in Rabat and other things. Some vacations in Switzerland and Bavaria were also part of it, as well as a little time with our children and an “unround“ birthday. 85 years are already a reason to celebrate. The whole family came together and that was very nice. We really enjoyed the reunion with our children, our siblings, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. It’s always nice to see the next generations take up baton. It’s all in the past now, even though the memories and photos remain and warm the heart, we’re already flying back in a few days to a land where the warmth still burns from the summer sun from the sky….
But now enough words have been made. Now I let pictures speak: