And still on the way – April 2022

Now there are only a few days until we fly. Not on our noses, but to Fez 😉 The time here in our temporary home passed very diversified. There was a lot to do, to prepare and again and again plans were changed and adjusted. But between all the work and thinking (canceling old contracts, signing new contracts and deciding, what is needed and what is not needed etc.) we also had time for family, visits and some trips to old favorite places.
To the Hegaublick, Schwenninger Moos, Rhine Falls and Neckar Bad (Swimming hall), to name just a few. The hours and the fellowship with family and brothers and sisters, “real relatives” and in the Lord, have enjoyed our hearts and souls…

Our „that’s what we keep pile“ was worked through again and to make it a little smaller, we passed on a few more things. Now everything left, including our bikes, fits in our seven square meter storage room.
During this time we also had a first planning meeting with the company with/for which we want to set up a business branch in Morocco.

It was challenging, that our beautiful, cozy transitional holiday apartment grew over the weeks into a shared apartment with four people. This was especially not easy for me, Franzi, since I was looking forward to some peace and stability after the packing and the moving with all the hustle and bustle and goodbyes. Then, we got to know, that once in the countra, we will not be setteling in on our place right away, but have to go on „five-city tour“ first to find out which place was the right one for us. Oh yes, and I had Corona over Easter and a few days later a stomach bug… There was no real joy coming up, only by the thought: „Better to be sick now, than two days before departure“, it got easier to live trough.

Sometime during this „crunchy“ weeks, I heard a devotional from which only one phrase stuck with me: „You have a choice to be discouraged or to be encouraged.“ That reminded me that my well-being doesn’t depend so much on a situation, but on my reaction to it. So I wanted to look more for things that encourage me or simply say thank-you again more often, because that lifts the heart up to God and that encourages. The prayer walks with Klaus in the green helped me in this. In God’s beautiful spring nature there is so much encouragement: Colorful flowers, greening trees, chirping birds and a lesson from our landlord about beekeeping.