…and finally there – June 2022

We are so grateful for the good introduction Han gave us and not only in Fez but also in Casablanca. It made it so much easier for us to settle in and find our way around.

It is also a great blessing for us that we can live so freely in his apartment, while he and his Family are not living here. We like to look after his apartment, which has already become our home. In general, we already feel „at home“ here in Fez and have found a certain routine. It seems to us as if we had already lived here „for years“. Only when we want to talk to the friendly, nice people around us, we realize again that we have not been here for long. Actually only four weeks! We are grateful for all the friends who carry us in prayer and are this way a part of our life! You make it easy for us to settle in and live here!!!

In the lessons of our French course we sometimes feel like on a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes quite well and you think you have made progress and the next day you find yourself in a dark cellar hole because overnight your head has been swept clean and you „can’t get anything together“. So the feelings go up and down and in the middle of it you get a bellyache from laughing when you realize that you just explained „that you listen with the birds“. Birds and ears sound quite similar in French… And Russian words keep tumbling into the sentences too. The language confusion of Babel sends its regards…