…and already gone again – July 2022

From the beginning of July until just under mid-September, we will be in southern Germany again. Since we want to work abroad again longer after our working years in Germany, something has to be changed in our 30-year employment contract.But before we left we had our first „storm experience
One evening there was a really gloomy storm over our house. Thunderstorm atmosphere. The wind increased, so did the sand in the air. Closing the windows we noticed a „strange light atmosphere“ over the houses and heard the first thunder. Curious as we are, we climbed onto our roof and looked around in all directions. Not without getting our eyes full of sand. In one direction the sky was gray-black, in the other we saw swaths of sand drifting along and pushing in front of the sun. We quickly took a few photos and got off the roof, as a few first drops of rain were also falling. Much sand was blown by fierce winds through the streets and over the houses, and where the windows were open, also into the apartments. Unfortunately, it remained much more sand than rain. There was only so much precious wet from the sky that the ground was barely wetted properly, and the wind dried it away again right away. When the situation had calmed down a bit, I climbed onto the roof again. I was terribly surprised how the sky and the sunset now appeared. And I was rewarded. Sun and sand are really great artists who conjure up wonderful images in the sky:


Breakfast time on Sunday goes til….?

It was already past 12 o’clock and we wanted to fortify ourselves with a little lunch at our favorite corner eatery before heading out for our Sunday stroll into town. Our lunch order was also taken nicely, but a few minutes later the waiter came back and said, „It’s still breakfast time. Lunch won’t be served until later.“ Wide-eyed, we looked at each other and at him and asked until when was breakfast time? „Sundays, about until a little before two. Then the kitchen crew changes…“ Our conscience wouldn’t allow us to just get up and leave, so we ordered one Moroccan breakfast and one Berber breakfast. It was very tasty and the salad, we made us then for dinner at home 😉