1 + 5 days Rabat

From Casablanca we went for a day to Rabat. So quasi for the sake of completeness also visit the capital briefly, we thought. Really, we did not give much weight to this day trip. Because for us it was already almost 100% clear that we will stay in Fez. Provided that God does not send a soulquake.
When we then stepped out of the train station onto the main street in Rabat, we were really „caught off guard“. A tremor passed through our souls and hearts. Somehow we felt, „this is our city“. And the more we walked around the city, looked at the old fortress, the huge cemeteries along the city wall, the beach and just the old town, the firmer the feeling became. The calm atmosphere we felt also did us good. Somehow we felt we could move more freely here than in Fez. Whether that was perhaps only because it was Friday and on Fridays the whole life here is quieter, we did not know?

All this confused us not a little. We could make a list of pros and cons for both cities. We talked and prayed and decided to travel to Rabat for a few more days to Rabat to see the outskirts of the city and gather more facts. To walk around the city and pray on the spot…. We want to live in the city that God shows us and be open to His directives….

Rabat is one of the four royal cities. The name means „fortified place“ and dates back to the border fortress „Ribat“ of the Zanta Berbers in the 10th century. In the 12th century, the fortress was expanded into a fortified city. Rabat is the capital of Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean at about 20 meters above sea level.

In the five days we could roam Rabat „crisscross“ and also dive sometimes in the cool Atlantic to get a clear head again, we could gather more fakts and feelings. We like the city and the people. Rabat has some advantages over Fes, but Fes also has a few points that surpass Rabat. We have long lists of for+against and a roller coaster in our hearts, but no clarity yet. However, Rabat seemed more and more to become the place of our future, even if we still don’t have a whole certainty. But perhaps our certainty also depends a bit on the many „technical“ question marks we have. We do not yet know exactly how and what will work… where to live there, how to find housing…. But there are still a few weeks until then and still a lot of time to pray 😉